As at 05/09/2018


  • Sunday 14 October 2018 - On-line stall applications must be lodged with $50 application fee.
  • Friday 16 November 2018 - Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their stall application.
  • Friday 14 December 2018 - Successful applicants will be emailed their Stallholders Contract and invoice for their site fee and bond.
  • Monday 14 January 2019 – Payment of site fee and bond due. Countersigned Stallholder Contract due by this date also.
  • Friday 1 February 2019 – Public Liability certificate of currency due to Stalls Coordinator.
  • Tuesday 5 March or Wednesday 6 March 2019 – On-site delivery of mobile cool-rooms, externally hired marquees and any other items of major infrastructure.
  • Thursday 7 March from 8am until 5pm, and Friday 8 March 2019 from 8am until 4pm – Stallholder site access to set up their stalls, decorate their marquees, load-in stock and undertake safety inductions.
  • Stallholders must operate their stall on:
    • Friday 8 March 2019 from 4pm until at least 10pm
    • Saturday 9 March 2019 from 11am until at least 10pm
    • Sunday 10 March 2019 from 11am until at least 9pm
    • Monday 11 March 2019 from 11am until at least 9pm
  • Tuesday 12 March 2019 5pm - Stallholders must remove all goods and equipment, excluding mobile cool-rooms, from Botanic Park.
  • Wednesday 13 March – Mobile cool room collection.
  • Friday 29 March 2019 – Expected date of bond return, provided no damage or breach of terms and conditions.


  • Standard catering site fee is $4050 ex GST with 3 metre frontage and occupying an area not exceeding 30 square metres. Within this site area stallholders must be able to accommodate their marquee (either the WOMADelaide supplied marquee or an approved privately-sourced alternative) plus any additional space for food serving, display and preparation, a mobile cool-room and any gas cook tops or ovens set up outside your marquee.
  • WOMADelaide will provide standard catering stallholders with the following:
    • 1 x 3mtr wide x 4mtr deep flameproof marquee (if required) with timber flooring
    • 2 x wooden trestle tables (2400mm long x 740mm wide x 700mm high)
    • 2 x chairs
    • 1 x fluro light
    • 3 x 15amp power outlets (additional power outlets will only be offered if we have the supply capacity in the vicinity of your site - additional charges will apply)
    • 32 x single day WOMADelaide stallholder wristbands (8 per day)
    • 1 x Stallholder Parking sticker for the duration of the event
    • 2 x Bump-in Bump-out vehicle passes for use on Thursday 7 March, Friday 8 March (prior to 2pm) and Tuesday 12 March.
  • Up to 4 additional single day stallholder wristbands may be purchased for additional staff at a discounted rate.


  • Large catering site fee is $6150 ex. GST with a 6 metre frontage and occupying an area up to 60 square meters.
  • WOMADelaide will provide large catering stallholders the following:
    • 1 x 6mtr wide x 4mtr deep flameproof marquee (if required) with timber flooring
    • 4 x wooden trestle tables (2400mm long x 740mm wide x 700mm high)
    • 4 x chairs
    • 2 x fluoro lights
    • 5 x 15amp power outlets (additional power outlets will only be offered if we have the supply capacity in the vicinity of your site - additional charges will apply)
    • 40 x single day WOMADelaide stallholder wristbands (10 each day)
    • 1 x Stallholder Parking sticker for the duration of the event
    • 2 x Bump-in Bump-out vehicle passes for use on Thursday 7 March, Friday 8 March (prior to 2pm) and Tuesday 12 March
  • Up to 4 additional single day stallholder wristbands may be purchased for additional staff at a discounted rate.


  • All stallholders will be charged a security bond of $1000 (GST free) in relation to compliance with the terms and conditions for the use of Botanic Park (in separate document), use of WOMADelaide infrastructure, and the terms and conditions in this document, including waste management and recycling.
  • The bond will be returned in full by Friday 29 March 2019 provided that no damage has been caused or contract terms breached.


  • An application fee of $50 is required as part of the on-line stall application lodgement process.
  • This $50 application fee is to be paid with a credit card using WOMADelaide’s secure eWAY payment portal.
  • Stallholders will be immediately emailed a tax invoice and a receipt for their $50 application fee during the eWAY payment process.
  • The application fee is not refunded if your stall application is unsuccessful.

PAYMENT OF SITE FEES (if application is successful):

  • Successful applicants will receive an invoice for their site fee and their security bond via email during the first two weeks of December 2018, and payment in full (using the WOMADelaide eWAY credit card portal) must be made by Monday 14 January 2019.
  • Any stallholders that haven’t paid their site fee and bond by 14 January 2019 will be in breach of their contract and may lose the opportunity to participate in WOMADelaide.


  • If a stallholder wishes to withdraw from WOMADelaide after signing their contract and paying their site fee and bond they will forfeit their site fee but have their bond refunded in full.
  • The WOMADelaide Festival is presented on a “rain or shine” basis, and stallholders should not assume the event will be cancelled due to wet weather. In extreme conditions, however, some changes to the program may occur.


  • Any documentation that can’t be uploaded to the on-line stalls application form, such as the scaled site-layout drawing or stall photos, must be received by the Stalls Coordinator, WOMADelaide, 12 King William Road, Unley SA 5061 by Tuesday 9 October 2018.


  • On Friday 8 March 2019 Catering Stalls are required to trade from the opening of gates at 4pm until at least 10pm, and ideally through to the conclusion of performances at approximately midnight.
  • On Saturday 9 March 2019 Catering Stalls are required to trade from the opening of gates at 11am until at least 10pm, and ideally through to the conclusion of performances at approximately midnight.
  • On Sunday 10 March 2019 Catering Stalls are required to trade from the opening of gates at 11am until at least 9pm, and ideally through to the conclusion of performances at approximately 11pm.
  • On Monday 11 March 2019 (which is a Public Holiday in SA) Catering Stalls are required to trade from the opening of gates at 11am until at least 9pm, and ideally through to the conclusion of performances at approximately 11pm.
  • Stallholders must have ceased trading, turned off external signage lighting and closed serving counters and stall frontages strictly within 15mins of the conclusion of performances on Stage 1 and Stage 2.


  • All stallholders are required to have $20 million public liability insurance covering their operations at WOMADelaide.
  • A copy of the policy must be supplied to the WOMADelaide Stalls Coordinator by no later than Friday 1 February 2019.


  • Stallholders will only be permitted to sell food and drink listed in their on-line application forms, or variations to their menu that have been approved by WOMADelaide in writing.
  • Stallholders will not have an exclusive right for the sale of any product or service at the event.
  • All pre-packaged drinks sold by stallholders must be supplied exclusively by WOMADelaide’s beverage sponsor (beverage supplier details will be confirmed in January 2019).
  • The only bottle water to be sold shall be in refillable containers, supplier to be confirmed in January 2019. No single-use water bottles are permitted. Please contact the Stalls Coordinator if you would like to sell bottled water at your stall.
  • Supply of gelati and ice cream products may be subject to an exclusive supplier agreement. This will be confirmed in January 2019.
  • Tea, coffee and freshly made cool drinks must be sold in compostable cups sourced from Pak-Rite.
  • CDs must not be sold by any stallholders.
  • Stallholders must sell all items at whole or half dollar price points (ie $8 or $8.50 – no $8.20 items).
  • The Festival precinct is subject to a liquor licence and stallholders may not sell alcohol, bring alcohol into Botanic Park, nor consume alcohol on their site.


  • The location of the stallholder’s site will be entirely at the discretion of WOMADelaide Management.
  • WOMADelaide has a preference for marquee-based trading, and food vans will be allocated sites that do not compromise the aesthetics of the park layout.
  • WOMADelaide is renowned for the unique mixed-cultural ambience created during the Festival. Stallholders are requested to theme their stall in a style appropriate to the origins of the food being sold.
  • Camping tents and carports are not considered suitable for stalls.
  • Stallholders will not be permitted to use umbrellas, marquees or other items featuring trade logos (ie Holden or Merlo).
  • WOMADelaide reserves the right to direct stallholders to improve any stall that we consider to be dirty or not up to an appropriate presentational standard.
  • WOMADelaide will provide all seating and tables used by the general public adjacent to the stalls.
  • Music, either live or amplified recordings, is not permitted within stalls.


  • White Marquee Event Hire will be supplying the flame-proof marquees that are included with site fees (requested via the on-line stalls application form) and these will be white in colour.
  • Stallholders who have indicated they require a back of house marquee will be able to hire these through WOMADelaide.  Sizes and pricing of these additional back of house marquees will be supplied to all stallholders via email in December.
  • As a four-day event, WOMADelaide often experiences a spectrum of weather conditions including heat, storms and high winds. It is therefore imperative that all tents and marquees sourced by stallholders are of a commercial/heavy duty standard.
  • If you are sourcing your own marquee you must include photos and details of its structure, fabric and pegging in your on-line application form.
  • Any privately-sourced annex or marquee being used as a “back of house” food preparation area where flames are present must be fire-resistant or fire-retarded (with documented evidence provided to WOMADelaide safety staff during bump-in).
  • Marquees positioned in close proximity to sensitive tree roots or irrigation pipes may need to be secured with weights rather than pegged under direction from the Botanic Gardens staff.


  • Pak-Rite (S.A.) Pty Ltd has been engaged as the sole packaging supplier for all WOMADelaide catering stallholders to ensure compatibility with the event’s composting processes.
  • All food packaging and eating utensils provided to the public in conjunction with food sales at WOMADelaide must be purchased by stallholders exclusively from Pak-Rite.
  • Only compostable single-use food service items (knives, forks, napkins, straws, food containers, etc) from the Pak-Rite range are permitted.  Stallholders will be inspected for compliance with this condition.
  • Plastic bags and glass containers are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted by Pak-Rite in December with special WOMADelaide pricing and to discuss exact requirements.


  • WOMADelaide enjoys a unique privilege in using Botanic Park. Protection of the historic trees and other vegetation is of paramount importance.
  • WOMADelaide will supply communal bins at the back of each stalls area.
  • These bins will be differentiated for organic waste, recyclable products, cardboard, soft plastics, and general waste.
  • Stallholders must keep their stall and its immediate surroundings clean and tidy.
  • Stallholders are not permitted to use the bins provided for the general public.
  • Stallholders will be able to empty dishwashing water into shared sullage tanks.
  • All waste water, including hot water, cold water and ice, should be emptied into the shared sullage tanks and should never be emptied onto the grounds of Botanic Park.
  • Waste cooking oil should be placed into a lidded container and can be left adjacent to the Stalls Site Office.  This oil will be collected for recycling at the conclusion of the event.
  • A stallholder’s failure to comply with the waste separation and recycling policies, as well as any attributable damage to the park or equipment supplied by WOMADelaide, will result in forfeiture of their bond.


  • Botanic Park and WOMADelaide Management have introduced new terms and conditions for vehicle access within the park, including a penalty system for breaches. Please see Terms & Conditions for the Use of Botanic Park document linked in the application for further details.
  • During the Bump-in:
    • Stallholders will receive two Bump-in Bump-out vehicle passes. These must be displayed on the dashboard to facilitate access to Plane Tree Drive only on Thursday 7 March from 8am until 5pm, and on Friday 8 March from 8am until 2pm.
    • In 2019 vehicle access to Botanic Park will only be possible with a Grass Access permit, for approved vehicles only to be obtained from the traffic management personnel at gates B, C and D and returned when exiting to Plane Tree Drive.
    • All vehicles must be escorted by a spotter for all vehicle movements. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to bring a responsible person to guide the driver within the park. WOMADelaide crew will not be made available as spotters to stallholders.
    • During this set-up phase only vehicles carrying equipment or stock are permitted to travel across grassed areas at walking pace (speed limit 10kph).
    • Any bump-in vehicle that does not also have a Stallholder Parking sticker must be removed entirely off-site by 2pm on Friday 8 March.
  • Whilst the event is live:
    • Each Catering stall will be supplied with one Stallholder Parking sticker to allow parking in the designated Stallholder Parking on Plane Tree Drive from 2pm Friday 8 March and the remaining Festival days.
    • This pass is non-transferrable between vehicles.
    • Grass Access passes will be available between 8am – 10am Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings to allow Catering stallholders to replenish stock.
    • Catering stallholders may request Stallholder Delivery passes to allow delivery vehicles access to Plane Tree Drive on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. These vehicles must be removed from the site by 10am.
  • During the Bump-out
    • Stallholders must display their Bump-in Bump-out passes to access Plane Tree Drive for bump-out between 8am and 5pm on Tuesday 12 March. 
    • Grass Access passes will be available for vehicles that require access to Botanic Park. Please ensure that you have a spotter.
  • Any staff vehicles without the passes listed above must be parked outside Botanic Park.
  • WOMADelaide hopes to be able to offer Catering stallholders the opportunity to purchase additional 4-day staff parking packages in the grounds of St Peter’s College. Details of this will be emailed to stallholders about eight weeks prior to the Festival.


  • The size and the power requirements of the mobile cool-rooms being used by stallholders must be specified in the on-line application form, and the foot-print drawn on the scaled site-plan.
  • WOMADelaide will position cool-rooms as close as practicable to stallholder marquees subject to access, egress and overhanging foliage considerations.
  • To assist with the set-up of marquees, power distribution and temporary plumbing, cool-rooms must delivered to Botanic Park on either Tuesday 5 or Wednesday 6 March and be removed on Wednesday 13 March. Please do not arrange cool-room delivery or pick up outside of these days.


  • Catering stallholders with standard-sized sites will be issued with 8 stallholder wristbands for each day of the Festival.
  • Catering stallholders with large-sized sites will be issued with 10 stallholder wristbands for each day of the Festival.
  • An additional 4 stallholder wristbands for each day of the Festival may be purchased at a discounted rate for additional staff until Friday 15 February 2019.
  • Replacement wristbands, and any additional staff wristbands obtained after 15 February, must be purchased at general admission prices.
  • On the set-up and pack-down days any stallholders and their staff arriving in a vehicle that displays a Bump-in Bump-out pass will be admitted to Plane Tree Drive via the Blue Gate/Stage Door from Hackney Road (adjacent to the Hackney Rd bridge across the Torrens River).
  • On the set-up and pack-down days any stalls personnel that do not have a Bump-in Bump-out pass will need to park outside Plane Tree Drive and enter on foot via the Blue Gate/Stage Door.  As they pass into the secure zone of the park these stalls staff will be asked to sign-in.


  • WOMADelaide is a smoke-free event with smoking permitted only in the designated smoking areas which will be identified in site signage.
  • All stalls back of house areas are smoke free.


  • WOMADelaide’s electrical contractor will provide temporary electrical distribution to each Catering Stall based on the appliances being used.  Inclusive within the site fees standard catering sites will be provided with 3 x 15amp power outlets and large catering sites will be provided with 5 x 15amp outlets. Charges will apply for additional power outlets if available.
  • Only electrical equipment that has been listed on the stallholder’s on-line application form will be permitted.
  • All electrical equipment and extension cords used by stallholders must be tested and tagged within the last 12 months in accordance with SA’s Work Health & Safety Regulations 2012.
  • While it is strongly recommended that stallholders have all their electrical equipment tested and tagged prior to the event, an external test and tag contractor will be on-site during set-up days providing this service. Fees for electrical test and tagging is the responsibility of the Stallholder and must be paid on the day.
  • Double-adaptors are not permitted, tested and tagged power-boards are okay.
  • Any additional lighting used by stallholders in food preparation areas must also be tested and tagged, and have covers around globes to prevent contamination if a globe shatters.
  • Each stall will be inspected for testing and tagging compliance prior to the commencement of trading at 4pm on Friday 8 March 2019.
  • Carting Stalls and Catering Vans are not permitted to use generators.


  • Temporary taps supplying potable water (suitable for drinking and cooking) will be installed at the rear of each group of Catering Stalls for the shared use of adjacent stallholders.
  • Stallholders will also have opportunity to purchase an individual fresh water feed to their stall for $100. WOMADelaide staff will install these feeds using food-grade flexible hose.
  • Sullage stations will also be set up at the rear of each group of Catering Stalls for the shared use of adjacent stallholders. These sullage stations will not be plumbed into the sewer and therefore have finite capacity. Stallholders are urged to be as economical as possible with waste water, without compromising food hygiene standards.
  • Stallholders will be responsible for setting up their own hand-washing station as specified in City of Adelaide documentation for the operation of temporary food premises.  These hand-washing stations can utilise water from a jerry-can or similar, but must not be used for food preparation or washing-up.
  • Any temporary hot water service units being used by stallholders should be purpose built commercial units rated for outside use.


  • Stallholders must declare all gas appliances that they intend use at WOMADelaide on their on-line application form.
  • WOMADelaide reserves the right to prohibit use of any gas appliance that does not carry the appropriate manufacturer’s certification, or is in poor condition and deemed unsafe by WOMADelaide’s technical gas consultant or inspectors from the Office of the Technical Regulator.
  • Gas appliances must comply with regulatory clearances from combustible material.
  • Stallholders must bring appropriate non-flammable material, such as pieces of cement-board sheeting, to place under cooking equipment that does not have built-in insulation (ie gas ring-burners).
  • All gas cylinders must be situated outside stall marquees, at least 1.5mtrs away from any ignition source, with the cylinder relief valves facing away from the structure.
  • Multiple gas appliances that are fed from a single cylinder constitute a “temporary gas installation” and as such must utilise a two-stage regulator and be assembled by a licensed gasfitter who will issue a Certificate of Compliance.  This Certificate of Compliance must be available for viewing by the WOMADelaide safety staff and the external inspectors.
  • For further details about stallholders’ responsibilities and obligations in relation to use of LPG for caterers, food outlets and outside events please refer to the O.T.R. website.


  • Supagas will be providing approved LPG gas storage cages in the main back of house catering areas. Full 9kgs and 45kgs cylinders will be available for swap and go purchase by stallholders throughout the four days of the Festival.
  • Payment for cylinders is to be made by cash or EFTPOS at the time of purchase.
  • Individual stallholders must not breach SafeWork SA’s regulations for the storage of multiple LPG cylinders, and to this end stallholders are required to use the Supagas service rather than bringing in numerous full cylinders.
  • All 45kgs LPG cylinders, both those currently in-use and any awaiting use, must be positioned on a non-flammable base and fastened so they cannot tip over (this is usually achieved by stallholders providing a concrete paver, a star-dropper and a non-flammable tie-down such as a metal chain).
  • While in use any 9kgs cylinders must be stabilised – this can be done using a small metal cage or ventilated metal crate, or by using a concrete paver, star-dropper and a non-flammable tie-down such as a metal chain.  Plastic milk-crates are no longer acceptable for this purpose. Portable barbecues that have metal hooks to suspend 9kg gas bottles meet the requirements for stabilisation and ventilation.


  • Stallholders must source their own 2.2kg minimum ABE Dry Powder fire extinguishers with a current (not greater than six-month old) inspection tag, and a fire extinguisher sign to stick on their marquee wall in an elevated location.
  • Fire blankets are also mandatory for all stalls cooking with hot oils.  Fire blankets must be at least 1.2mtr x 1.8mtr in size and they also require a current (not greater than six-month old) inspection tag.
  • As outlined in other sections of this document, all electrical equipment used in stalls must have a current (not greater than 12 months old) testing tag.
  • Due to the complex operational demands of the set up for this Festival, WOMADelaide requests that stallholders attend to the aforementioned testing and tagging obligations prior to the event.  Contractors from Jim’s Test & Tag (electrical) and Northern Extinguisher Service (fire safety) will be on-site to provide fee-for-service inspections and certification on Friday 8 March but their response time may be slow if there is high demand for their services, and this could adversely impact on the stallholder’s ability to commence trading when gates open.
  • Every Catering Stall is obliged to have its own first aid kit under Regulation 42 of SA’s Work Health and Safety Act 2012.
  • Sturdy closed-toe footwear and high-vis vests must be worn by stallholders and all their staff throughout all phases of the event set-up prior to the opening of gates at 4pm on Friday 8 March, and on Tuesday 12 March for the pack-down and load-out.
  • High-vis vests are easily and cheaply purchased from hardware stores and specialist safety retailers.
  • Staff from SafeWork SA, the Office of the Technical Regulator and City of Adelaide Environmental Health Services Department, together with WOMADelaide’s Safety Officer, will inspect all stalls to ensure compliance with these safety regulations.
  • Emergency Briefings and Waste Disposal Induction sessions for stallholders will be conducted by WOMADelaide Management on Thursday 7 March and Friday 8 March. It is essential that every stallholder, or an appropriate senior employee, attends one of these sessions.
  • WOMADelaide will establish emergency access and egress pathways behind each group of catering stalls.  Stallholders and their staff must ensure that these pathways are not compromised during the operation of the event.


  • City of Adelaide Environmental Health Services Department will contact all stallholders via email in January 2019 regarding the statutory requirements and obligations for the selling of food and drinks at WOMADelaide.
  • These requirements include the provision of an appropriate hand-washing station within your stall, acceptable food handling practices, cleaning and sanitizing, and the storage of food in accordance with the South Australia’s Food Act 2001 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards 3.2.2 and 3.2.3.
  • Non-plumbed hand-washing stations are acceptable provided they comply with the Council’s guidelines.
  • City of Adelaide Environmental Health Officers will inspect every food stall on the afternoon of Friday 8 March 2019 prior to the admission of patrons to the WOMADelaide site, and at other times during the event if warranted.
  • For further information about the food safety standards please refer to the Environmental Health Services Department of the City of Adelaide or visit www.cityofadelaide.com.au.


  • Stallholders shall not be entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without prior written consent from WOMADelaide Management.
  • Pets and livestock are not permitted at WOMADelaide.
  • Camping and overnight sleeping is not permitted on the WOMADelaide site.
  • WOMAD and/or the WOMADelaide name, brand, logo or other representation may not be used without prior permission from WOMADelaide Management.


  • All who participate in WOMADelaide do so at their own risk. The WOMADelaide Foundation and its employees, Arts Projects Australia and its employees, and all the staff connected with the event do not accept responsibility for any injury, damage or theft to any person, property or stock arising by reason of attendance or participation at the Event.
  • WOMADelaide does not warrant or guarantee the number of public attendances at the event, nor assure stallholders of any particular level of patronage and turnover.
  • The stallholder must agree to indemnify and keep indemnified “the Event” and “the Management” against any claims or charges arising out of any actions or omissions of the stallholder in the performance of the provisions of their stallholder agreement.