WOMADelaide 2019
Stalls Application: Not-For-Profit Display

Please use this form to apply to operate a not-for-profit display stall at WOMADelaide. The closing date for applications is Sunday 21 October.

  • A $50 application fee is required to apply for a stall at WOMADelaide.

  • Applications submitted without payment will not be considered.

Following payment you will receive an email confirming the successful lodgement of your application plus a payment receipt. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes please first check your junk mailbox and failing that contact us on (08) 7231 9952.

Applicants will be notified by email as to the success or otherwise of their application by Friday 16 November.

Application Reference

Contact Details

Fields with an asterisk * are compulsory

Phone Numbers

Product & Stall Information

Please note that anything not stated here will not be permitted for sale at the festival without prior consent.

Site Size

This list should include any furniture, racking and display structures that you will bring.

Prior Trading at WOMADelaide

Marquee Details

As part of your site fee (and therefore at no additional cost) WOMADelaide will provide stallholders with a marquee. Based on your site size, this marquee will be (3m x 3m) plus we will provide two timber trestles, two plastic chairs and a fluro light.

Stall Appearance

To assist WOMADelaide in assessing the suitability of your business for this event we need you to supply photos or sketches of the appearance of your stall.

Please upload images or PDFs here (max size: 2MB):

If, for any reason, you are unable to upload images please post in hard copy to the Stalls Coordinator, WOMADelaide, 12 King William Road, Unley SA 5061, by no later than Tuesday 16th October, 2018.

Stall Layout

WOMADelaide requires a concise understanding of the proposed layout of your site. To this end we need a scale drawing identifying the footprints of all items of infrastructure.

To assist this process you can download a blank site plan:
Not-For-Profit Display Site Plan

Once you have drawn your layout to scale please scan the plan and upload it here (max size: 2MB):

If, for any reason, you are unable to upload a completed site layout please post it as a hard-copy to the Stalls Coordinator, WOMADelaide, 12 King William Road, Unley SA 5061 by no later than Tuesday 16th October, 2018.


Each not-for-profit display stall will be supplied with a single 10 amp power outlet and a single fluro light.

Only items listed above will be permitted in your stall, and they will need to be recently tested & tagged.

Stall Fees & Charges

Based on the information provided in this application form you will be charged the following:

Site Fee: $
Site Bond: $
Total: $

Successful applicants will be invoiced this amount at the time the stall contract is issued in December.

Please Confirm

Application Fee

To submit an application we require an application fee of $50. A tax invoice and receipt for payment will be automatically emailed to you following successful payment authorisation. In the unlikely event that you fail to receive an acknowledgment email within 24 hours please contact the WOMADelaide Stalls Coordinator on 08 7231 9952.

How to Complete Your Application

Once you have checked and completed all required fields above, click NEXT. You will at this point be required to process an application fee via Credit Card to submit your application.

Please DO NOT CLICK NEXT unless you are ready to process payment.
Applications will not be considered unless an application fee has been processed.